I’ve had a blog for a week…

And almost forgot about it!

That said, it was exciting to feel like I’ve missed out on some accountability. So, here I am, as promised.

I want to talk about my non-workout last night. I went for a gym work out, and I’d say I gave it the old 75% as I was excited to go to hot yoga. Hot yoga has been an incredible element of my workout for the last year. I love the feeling I get when the class is over, the my butt has been sufficiently kicked. Not only that, my friend Kristen and I (well, mostly Kristen and then I tagged along) found the most delightful studio, with incredible teachers who are so motivating. I’ve felt as though they guide us through our practice in a really individual way.

Last night, I took my friend and colleague Christine to our beloved studio for what we thought would be a butt kicking. I hadn’t looked at the schedule, but was pleasantly surprised when the practice started, and it was a restorative class. There is something to be said for yoga just being for relaxation. I’m feeling like a million bucks today. My hips feel like I could dance the night away.

I will more than definitely go back to the trimming, toning, thousand calorie burning Flow class, but perhaps I’ll add a practice to my week.


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