…14 Minutes and 51 Seconds

I was just given the 14 minute, 51 second notice. That’s when the hockey game is over.

Yesterday was my scheduled ‘day off’ from working out. I probably should have gone at it given the amount I hated my work out on Friday night. Though, I’m feeling better today as a result. I went running in a field of peas with my dog (and my redhead and Pam), it was more of a walk-run-saunter, or in his case a walk-run-pant-stop-run.

The whole Thanksgiving thing has me feeling rather blessed. I have so many things to be thankful for this year. Our wedding was five weeks from yesterday. I’m lucky to have great friends, a family that loves me, a job I love, and an able mind and body. Though the temptation of too many mashed potatoes and gravy was incredibly enticing while at two of three Thanksgiving Dinners, I had the confidence and motivation to remember I deserve to put all of the healthiest choices into my body (aside from the chocolate pie, I can’t turn pie down twice in one day. But, it was a fraction of the size that I’d typically eat, not that I’m making excuses. It’s gut check time, I know).

I’m looking forward to re-reading posts like these when I’m having bad days and need a pick me up. Celebrating the successes is one of the most motivating things for gals like me. This week will be a much better week for me, I’m going to make it so. I’m going to think Fit. I’m going to be Strong.  I’m going to eat Healthy.

Fit. Strong. Healthy.


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