Maiden Post…. This is pretty monumental for me

I’ve never really had a problem writing, nor writing for a crowd. Perhaps this is the best way to ‘out’ myself, while keeping me sane.

My name is Jessica. I, along with millions of Canadians, struggle with my weight. It’s been years of up, down, down some more, up up up and up again. I’ve tried tons and tons of quick fixes to date. The most recent being the Dr. Bernstien diet. Injections three times a week, eight hundred calories a day, and seventy pounds later, I may have been at my lowest weight since high school, but it was a rock bottom hit for me.

Today, I’m thirty pounds heavier than I was at the end of Dr. Bernstien. I’ve been told I have to forgive myself for putting my body through that. It’s hard when you watch the scale rise a pound a day for thirty days, while putting my body through the most rigorous training I’ve been through ever. Slowly, with the help of a wonderful trainer, I’m getting the confidence I need to finally make this lifestyle shift. The only person I’m accountable to now, is me. It might help if you’re all along for the ride with me.

I’m waging war on my jiggles, wiggles, and waggles.

Reaching goals is always the most fulfilling part of my work life, why can’t it be part of my personal life?! My eye-on-the-prize goal is the Calgary Half Marathon next May 29, 2011. Until then, it’s small, very tangible, very attainable goals. I know I’ll need the successes to motivate me.

Goal #1: Get to wedding day (38 days from today) eating clean, and working out 5 days a week.

Below is a snapshot of the weight yo-yo I’ve gone through in the past year, with some pretense, of course.


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